In a relationship with Haemon and soon to be married

About Antigone

My name is antigone and i want to get glory for my brother polyneices and no matter what creon says i will have glory.

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After I have buried my brother polynieces going against Creon's decree I have been taken in and I am going to get sentenced to death but I don't care because after my death I will have glory for my brother and I will be happy.


Sister, I know that you did this act by yourself and you want to go down by yourself but I believe that your actions are my actions and that if you are going to be sentenced to death then I want to go down with you, I wont be able to live with your death.


Ismene, I don't want you to die with me I was the one who buried our brother and I should be the only one who gets the consequences for that action you didn't have any part in this so you need to not face consequences for something you didn't do.


I am going to try my best to convince my father to change his mind about sentencing you to death but with my father be so mean and foolish he wont understand the things that will happen if he has you killed, I might not be able to get him to change his mind but I am going to try as much as I can to get him to change his mind.


Creon has not sentenced me to death but he instead locked me in this dungeon of his and is giving me little food and I am going to be locked in here until i die so what is the use of waiting to die so i'm just going t end it now and Hang myself.