Random Acts Of Kindness or RAKit

The Chive Is an organization that works to make a better place for everyone, so we believe random acts of kindness is a good way to start. Everyday is a day you could be making random people happy.

Public Services

We also do a lot to help the community. We make kids dreams come true by setting up meetings with there favorite idols. We build parks and other facilities for disabled. Theres nothing like spending the weekend building houses and parks!
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Chive Nation

There are millions of Chivers and Chivetts around the world. We hold annual Chive meet ups so we can gain popularity. Come join the fun! You wouldn't rather sit at home on Netflix, would you?

The Chivery

We have a store where you can purchase merchandise, it is called the Chivery. We use this to sell shirts and many other items to help raise money so we can help our communities more. It's always good to spend a little money to help someone for a shirt you may never wear, right? Don't forget about our special Military merchandise! Get it today for your local veterans and currently deployed Military!

Chive App

We have an App!!! It is for IPhone and Android devices. You should totally download it. We keep you updated with the latest Chive news and funny pictures to keep you entertained while your there. Seriously, try it out!

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