The Green Revolution... JOIN NOW

By: Tyler Hunt

Some brief history/India's success...

The green revolution began in 1967 and lasted till 1978. It began as an effort to increase food supplies in India after an 4 million people died of starvation. India was devastated from traders and other countries taking advantage of them after WWII. The Indian traders bought all the food then sold it in mass quantities to make more money. For the British food was a low priority and after they left, left the remnants of memories of the Bengal Famine.

If thats not convincing enough...

There are many pros to the green revolution including economic, sociological, and political. The economic results have shown that the jobs produced when undertaking the green revolution can really increase the economy. Also industry sector jobs such as the manufacturing of fertilizers and machines need to harvest can significantly help. If it is succeeds enough then the political results can be immense. In addition to becoming a leading exporting of food super power, you could also gain respect and need from other countries. Like if another country wanted to start then they could pay your workers in their currency which then send it back increasing the diversity and strength of money in your country.