Local News Update

1. something that i hope to accomplish during high school is meet new people and pass all my classes with A's and B's.

2. what i see myself doing after high school is get a good job and get into college.

3. hopefully when i am 20 i am healthy energetic and i finished school also with a job.

4. 3 things i can do to improve my health is start eating healthier food and a sertain amount of it, start to exercise and drink lots of water.

5. at home i like to watch TV, eat, exercise, and chill with the family

6. at school i like to be with my friends

7. the kind of people i like to hang out with is anybody as long as they are not mean to anybody.

8. i am good at making new friends, giving advise, and convincing people.

9. something that i like about myself is i'm social and something that i want to change is how i get red.

10. something new that i would like to try is skydiving.


12.i am pretty social i talk to anybody no matter their looks, or economy status. my negative is that i don't play any sports