Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter-

October 6th, 2016

What is going on?

Writing: Students will continue drafting their All-About books. Diagrams and sketches will be some of the non-fiction features added to the books this week.

Spelling Words this week: again, boy, car , fine, here, myself, sat, though


In Reader’s Workshop, we will be looking at strategies that help us to have strong comprehension. Our focal point will be inferring. The focus will be working on making sense of new information with non-fiction text. We are going to be using texts that create mind pictures and inferences which help students better understand information.

Math: This week we will continuing to learn math strategies to get kids thinking about math. Learners will be encouraged to think about numbers in different ways by understanding the equivalence of numbers and expressions up to one hundred, adding with tens on an open number line, basic subtraction strategies, and more!

Science: We will do several activities to demonstrate that materials can change their physical properties such as cutting, folding, sanding, and melting.


October 10th- Conference Day

October 21st- K-2 Assembly

School Wide-

Come check out the Multi-Cultural Circle's Global Challenge for October! We will have 4 "Mystery Readers" read a universal fairy tale each week. Print out the worksheet, answer a few questions and turn it in by Monday, October 31st! We will choose SIX winners this time, one for each grade level! Click here to visit the Multicultural Website in order to participate.

It's time to Stuff the Boots! The Fall Fundraiser starts on September 19th and runs through October 7th! Classes will compete against each other in each grade level to win Zoey the Zebra & Stanley the Stallion visit their class. Look for the orange flyer in this week's Thursday folders. Please help us raise money for our school, every dollar counts! Got questions?

Have a good 3 day weekend!