Hoots 4 Lockets Monthly Newsletter

The Inaugural Addition!

"This ain't your mamma's party!" ~Heather Hall at National Conference 2013

The meaning? Present your Jewelry Bar in 10 minutes! Yes, 10 minutes!

It's a simple formula, but I've tried it & IT WORKS! Ok, I ran 12 minutes, but there were 16 in attendance by the time it ended & kids interrupted twice. I want to show you the way to Rock Your Own JBs.

Follow these simple steps:

Build Your Team!

Treat every customer as your Next Hostess! Pamper & spoil your hostess with simple & inexpensive, but not cheap, ways. Have her guests help you make her feel special! Then, offer the room your brief story: Why did you Join Origami Owl? Tell a QUICK version of Bella's story (I have a quick one if you need help.).

Use your reasons & the commission program, 30%-50% on every sale, paid WEEKLY! Then, when you work personally on orders, ask if they'll be joking your team, or at leasing hosting a JB.

Share your Love of O2 wherever you Go!

Wear your locket everywhere! Someone looked? Great! Tell them, in A minute what it is and that you are an Independent Designer! If they stay interested, hype it, if not, hand them YOUR BUSINESS CARD and thank them for their interest.

Be your own best customer through word of mouth! SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!