Handwriting Analysis

By: Kayden and Bryson

Classes of Handwriting Characteristics

  1. Letter form-the shape, curve, angle, or slant of letters.
  2. Line form- Smoothness and darkness of lines and letters of line strokes.
  3. Formatting- Spacing between words and lines.

Types of Handwriting Characteristics

  1. Line quality- defined by whether the letters flow or are shaky.
  2. Spacing- defined by whether letters are equally spaced or crowded.
  3. Size consistency- the ratio of height to width.
  4. Continuous- Whether the writing continuous or has the author lifted the pen.
  5. Connecting letters- whether capital and lowercase letters are connected/continuous.
  6. Letters complete- whether the lines are completely formed, or if part of letter is missing.
  7. Cursive and printed letters- Defined by if the letters are printed, cursive, or both.
  8. Pen pressure- Whether the pressure is equal when applied to upward and downward strokes.
  9. Slant- defined by if the words are slanted left, right, or varied.
  10. Line habits- If the text is on the line, above, or below.
  11. Fancy curls or loops- Are there curls or loops in letter formation.
  12. Placement of crosses on "t", and dots on "i"- Defined by the placement of crosses of the letter "t", and dots above the letter "i".

Line Quality Example

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Spacing Example

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Size consistancy Example

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