Scientific Revolution

Cesar B. 5th period

What was the change?

There were many changes in the world. There was a huge also a huge discovery by on main man called Isaac Newton, who discovered Gravity. A man named Galileo Galiei, he invented the telescope, and did alot of research on the moon, but was put in house arrest till death. One more important person was Johannes Kepler. He discovered the truth of our solar system. He told us where the sun was located, the main change though was" the way people viewed the world!"

Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

There were several of changes during the scientific revolution. There was a man in the scientific revolution named Isaac Newton. This man found out about something the earth had, a secret he discovered gravity. Gravity is what holds us down on earth. If it weren't for him would anyone have ever found out what gravity is and would have anyone else ever discover it?

Another very important person in the scientific revolution was a man called Galileo Galiei. He is the one we can thank for inventing the telescope. He was a very important man, he did most of his studies in the church. Every thing was going good until all of a sudden the church did not approve of him doing studies here. The church told him to stop doing his studies at the church, but he ignored the things that the church was telling him. Eventually he started to get death threats and was told to stop NOW. He ignored and then he was put on house arrest, he was left there in his house until he died.

One more person that was a big contribute to the scientific revolution, was a person named Johannes Kepler. He had a theory that said that "the sun is located at the center of the universe, all the planets are around him. He purposed this theory and named it the "heliocentric theory." He purpose this after another other theory made by a man called Nicolas Copernicus. he said that the earth was at the center.

Johannes Kepler was the man to prove Nicolas Copernicus wrong. Could you imagine what the world what have been like if he Johannes would have never corrected Nicolas. Would have anyone ever found out the truth? Our solar system would have been all screwed up, but good thing we found out the truth!

How is that change evidence in today's modern society?

The way we know that this happened is because we study this and use these things! Like how we still study about gravity in our current day science class. We also use the telescope that Galileo makes us look into the illuminated star sky, and take notes and observe stars in our galaxy! Thanks to Johannes who was the person that told us that the sun is located in the center of the galaxy.