Push and Pull Factors

Ryan Finglass

Religious Persecution

A. Sudan

B. Jewish people in Sudan will move to Israel because they want to be in a place where they are not persecuted. Muslims will move to Sudan because there are a lot of Muslims there.

C. Muslims in Sudan will move to other neighboring Muslim country's because of all the fighting

Ethnic Persecutions

A. Pakistan

B. If you are an American living or visiting Pakistan will not be treated very well. Pakistanians do not like to have Americans near their country. Americans will only go there for oil and gas.

C. Americans will not move to Pakistan but if you were living in Pakistan and you were an American living there then you would most likely move to America or Israel.

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Environmental Factors

A. Cayman Islands

B. Most people will visit the Cayman Islands because there is beautiful beaches and homes.

Most people have to travel there by plane because it is an Island.

C. People that have a lot of money will move there because that have beach front mansions that attract people.

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Economic Motives

A. Grece

B. Grece has a very bad economy. People do not like to have a bad economy and that is why a lot of people are moving away from Grece.

C. People in Grece move to other countries in Europe with better economies if they can move.

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Political Factors

A. North Korea

B. Most people in North Korea do not like their dictatorship but they cannot say anything about it. Most people who try to flee North Korea Get killed.

C. If they are able to escape then they will most likely try to move to South Korea.

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Forced migration

A. India

B. In India the Muslims and the Hindus could not get along. This made the Indian government make the Muslims and the Hindus split.

C. The Muslims moved to the north of India creating a new country called Pakistan, the Hindus remained India.

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