Modern Inventions

How Production of goods was Improved.

Inventions Sped up Production

  • Cloth demands grew.
  • In 1733, John Kay created a flying shuttle to enable weavers to work much faster then spinners.
  • For the southern cotton growers, Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin separated the cotton from the seeds which made production more efficient.

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Bringing Machines out of the House

Because machines were too big to be operated at home, Factories were new places to operate and manage the machines. People would build huge buildings that had enough room to operate multiple machines rather than at home when people would only be able to use one machine because that's all that would fit.

Before Everything was Easier

Before canals, turnpikes, locomotives, and other ways of transportation, people would have to walk to and from their destinations which depending on the distance, could take up to weeks. Even children had to walk in the blistering cold or the burning sun to get to where they want to go.

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