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February 2018 Edition

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Library Hours for Homecoming, Holiday and Midterms

Study Rooms (Food Policy)

March Monday Workshops

Archives Display

Ed Tech Corner: Ebooks

There are a few important messages in this newsletter. The most important one is related to keeping our study rooms clean so please read about the food policy.

In happier news, we will be open on President's Day so you can get a head start on your midterms studying. Watch our Facebook page in case the hours listed here change. We will also open early for the busiest part of midterms.

Every trimester, we get questions about building a better resume and cover letter. We also help with citations and searching. For March, we're going to test Monday seminars over noon on these topics. Given by teaching and librarian faculty, we welcome anyone to stop by if they're interested in these topics. Don't worry, they're after midterms so hopefully, you'll have more time.

To wrap up, check out the Archives display Monica Howell has put together and we've included a reminder on how to access ebooks.


The library will be open its regular hours during Homecoming.

Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

President's Day

Monday, February 19th--President's Day

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Due to midterms, we will be open special hours on this federal holiday even though classes are cancelled.


Starting February 20th-February 27th, the library will open at 7 a.m. weekdays.

Closing hours and weekend hours will remain the same.

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Food In The Library (Study Room Specific)

We need to talk about the food policy in the library. In general, while we have rules, we try to be laissez-faire as long as students take responsibility for keeping things tidy.

For a long while it worked. But lately, the trend has been moving towards messy.

People aren't throwing their food away properly. Some are leaving it on the windowsills or on the floor. Some are trying to fill the tiny garbage cans with 12 gallons worth of garbage. Some think nothing of leaving containers or wrappers that once held onions, fish or something fried in the bins so the smell can linger all day (or all weekend). And in the most creative use of our garbage cans, some people are using the walls to make bank shots with their beverages and leaving behind a sticky mess.

The facilities staff work hard to keep things clean but they have a whole building to cover and can't dedicate hours to scrubbing the library walls every night.

So what can be done? First, it'd be helpful to remember that meal-type foods are not allowed in the library. We're all for snack-type foods. (No, that doesn't mean if coq au vin is your go-to snack that it passes--in the real world, that is considered a meal however you consume it.) Take a quick study break and use the foyer outside of the library for dinner and lunch.

Outside of the library, there are larger trash bins. Let's say 10 of you all have popcorn bags that won't fit in the bin. Or even one of them has the faint odor of burnt popcorn. Take it out of the study room to throw into those larger trash cans.

Finally, check in on one another. If you see your friend dropping peanut shells* on the floor like they're at their local bar, speak up.

So please let's work together to make sure the study spaces remain places people want to be. Pick up after yourself.

If not--then we might have to police more heavily which no one wants.

tl;dr** (Or "In summary")

  • DO NOT bring in meal-type foods
  • DO throw out food remnants/smelly garbage outside of the library
  • DO clean up after yourself
  • DO NOT leave garbage on the floor or the wall or the table...

*See Footage Below

**Short for "too long; didn't read"

Upcoming Workshops

The library will be hosting upcoming workshops to help you!

Location: Library Classroom at Noon on Mondays in March.

Resumes and Cover Letters with Steve Schroer

March 5-Resumes
March 12-Cover Letters

Need help with formatting? Want to know what to include? Steve Schroer will be leading workshops on developing effective resumes and cover letters. Bring what you have or come to listen and ask questions.

Resumes will be covered on the 5th. Cover letters will be addressed on the 12th.

Perfect For: Students about to graduate, look for internships or creating a portfolio to apply to graduate school.

Mendeley (citation software) with Krista Jacobson
March 19th

College students have all had to face down the "you must cite this properly" direction. While it's always something that can be done at the end of writing a paper, getting ahead of with Mendeley saves time an effort.

Come learn about Mendeley with the Public Services Librarian.

Ideal for: Anyone who collects research or writes research papers.

It's Getting MeSHy in Here--More Tips and Tricks and things to know about searching-Krista Jacobson

Monday March 26th

So you've explored PubMed on your own. Have you used MeSH? Why doesn't MeSH work in AMED? What about truncation? How does PubMed process your search? How do you find full text...

Get a refresher on some of the basics of searching, learn some ways to refine your searches and deep dive into some ways you can troubleshoot your results.

Crafted for: Students and faculty who'd like to understand database searching as well as Google searching


Our new in-library exhibition for the winter trimester shows a copy of the B. J. Palmer Chiropractic Clinic's Precise, Posture-Constant, Spinograph, Comparative Graphs: An Exposition of Innate Natural Adaptation Following HIO Adjustment Proving Measurement Correction of Vertebral Subluxations, Corrections of Abnormal-Normal Adaptive Curves, as Well as Curvatures (whew), published in 1938 by Palmer School of Chiropractic. The Palmer College of Chiropractic Library describes this book as a "compilation of 100 chiropractic cases and analyses designed to show it is possible to measure subluxation distance and adjustment correction of malpositioned vertebrae." The picture here shows a close-up from one of the book's case spreads. We received the copy of the book on display as a donation, but the cover has detached. We already have two other copies in our archives / special collections, so we thought we'd use this copy for display this tri and let everyone get a taste of one of the special collections books. We'll be flipping pages frequently, so visitors can check out a variety of cases.

-Monica Howell


Did you know the Souza book came in ebook form? Or Points for Profit?

To access the books:

  1. Search for it in our catalog.
  2. Look for the downloadable version
  3. Click on "downloadable" or the link in the full record.

If you have any questions, please email

*A small note on ebooks: You might wonder why we don't buy all the textbooks in ebook format. The library will continue to explore purchasing ebook options when usage and availability make it possible; however, unlike print books, ebooks sold to libraries have different requirements than ebooks sold to individuals. In fact, there are times when a publisher sells ebooks to individuals but does not offer them to libraries. If only we could just buy them from Amazon....

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