Preschool Teachers

by; Juan Ortega

Preschoolar Teachers Job

Person that should teach, explain, speak to kids about educational stuff about different subjects such as science, english and others. They are responsible to give the kids knowledge of this subjects so theyre ready to use this in their invorenment.


School Zones may only be the environment where these teachers should be found, obligatory education means that the kids must go to school but if they wish extra help or parents wish extra help for their kids they should look out of school help like tutors

How do you become one ?

You must have the acknowledge such as english lenguage, Phychology, public safety and security. A successful preschool applicant, according to Diploma Guide, must have an associate or bachelor degree in early childhood education. According to BLS, state requirements vary so an individual may also need Child Development Associate (CDA) certification. Important: You must be someone patient with kids. Do not become a teacher if you dislike kids


Preschool Teachers have a salary of $60,000

Job Outlook

I believe that the demand of preschool teachers will be the same or have a certain increase since in the present year many people count on not having kids but definitely able to deal with them such as babysitting, teaching and helping kids.

Similar Occupations

Since working as a preschool teacher deals with kids of age 3-5 I must say that babysitting could be a similar occupation because at this age kids still need that help from nannies or babysitters since theyre too young to be by themselves. Coaches, pediatricians and dentists are similar occupations too.