April 2016 Newsletter


Happy Birthday to 2 of our April Babies!

March Sister of the Month goes to...

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Jennifer *Hyperia* Ng! This certificate is for being amazing in all the ways you have contributed to the ΑΓ chapter! You always voice your opinion when needed and make everything look so easy. This is just a small way to say thank you.

Introducing our newest additions, the Dècalescent Alpha Deltas!

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Introducing the New Member Educator, Bigs and Neos of our newest Dècalescent Alpha Deltas!!!!

New Member Educator: #120 Vivian *invidia* Liang

#147 Erika *overdose* Vigilia
Big Sis: #105 Christine *Nightfall* Dayrit

#148 Esther *Lenora* Lee
Big Sis: #134 Sharon *Arcadia* Mok

#149 Kerry *Revolutiøn* Ly
Big Sis: #129 Christy *VINDICT* Ku

#150 Jinglin *Rosecliff* Chen
Big Sis: #133 Tiffany *Velour* Lee

#151 Deborah *Psylocke* Wong
Big Sis: #135 Jasmine *Vendetta* Fung

Thank you to Vivian for guiding these girls to be the best they can be and teaching them the values of being a Stony alpha Kappa Delta Phi. Thank you to the bigs who served as role models to their little sisters and gave them all the support they needed to push through. Thank you to all the sisters who never hesitated to be a helping hand for everything in between!

We also appreciate our Greek advisors Sixto and Wylie for coming out to our unveiling! You guys deserve all the credit for guiding and looking over our chapter!

Our Above the Influence Workshop Series

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Thank you to our brother fraternity ΛΦΕ for collaborating with us and ΠΔΨ for being so supportive every single day!!! Hope everyone learned a lot! We now know how to be safe on the road. We also feel really educated on how different substances affect us. Big round of applause to the sisters who took charge of giving the presentations!

Resume Building Workshop

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Our Resume Building Workshop with the Stony Brook University Pre-Occupational Therapy Society was a huge success! We were able to have our advisor, Wylie, be our guest speaker. He provided us with first hand advice on how to put together a proper and acceptable resume. We appreciated his wisdom and input to a bright future. There is no doubt that we are all getting into our dream jobs now.

China Night 2016!

China Night 2016 was a blast! Thank you to the brothers of Pi Delta Psi for collaborating with us this year. Watch how it all went down in the embedded video below.
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China Night 2016 (aKDPhi x PDPsi)

Greek Week!

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PB&J making contest with ΛΘΑ, ΣΙΣ, ΦΒΣ, ΦΧ and ΙΝΔ! This was just one out of the many events held for this year's Greek Week. Among many others were a 90's Karaoke Contest, a food eating contest as well as a Talent Show contest.

Showing our support for the Center of Prevention and Outreach

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During our Fraternity and Sorority all speaker series, Greek organizations showed their support for the Center of Prevention and Outreach by making this banner.

Stony Brook University's Earthstock

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On a beautiful Friday this month, we helped the Weekend Life Council of Stony Brook University at a campus-wide event called Earth Stock! We gave out free tote bags and reminded people to save plastic bags. This service event made us feel good about reducing our carbon footprint!

Roadtrip to New York University's Bubble Tea Event!

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As finals week is coming closer, we would like to thank NYU aKDPhi for inviting us to their free Bubble Tea Break event earlier this month. We learned many new things through your presentation on the history of bubble tea. Continue spreading that Asian Awareness! Thanks for the yummy bubble tea!

Sisterhood paint nite!

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We had our very first aKDPhi Paint Nite led by our sister Amy *dé la crème* Lam! Thanks for teaching us the ways of an artist!!! Much art sisters, much art.

Special mentions


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Congrats to our President Alyssa *èuphoria* Mirasol on winning 2 medals at the USAPL South Brook Weightlifting Club's Spring Classic 2016! You stun us all since both were 1st place medals too! Our president took home first in the 52kg Open Division as well as the Junior Division. Her humble response to this spectacular achievement? "I hope to bring Stony aKDPhi’s name into a brighter light!" You embody the true definition of #akdphit!!!