Luxembourg Research

By: Allison Swearingin

What are some typical breakfast, lunch and dinner foods?

Their breakfasts are more French are usually small. They might enjoy yogurt, or a croissant with jam. Their lunches and dinners are a lot bigger proportioned. They might have ham with eggs, beef and vegetable stew, chicken with various toppings and healthy, hearty sides or sausage with mashed potatoes and sauce.

What are some dishes that this country is known for?

(*2) Some specialty dishes include...
  • Judd mat gaardebounen (smoked neck of pork served with a stew of broad beans and potatoes sautéed with bacon)

  • Bouchée à la reine, or paschtéitchen (chicken and mushrooms in a béchamel sauce served in a puff pastry case. Similar to a large vol-au-vent)

  • Weinzossis (a light sausage usually served with mashed potatoes and a mustard cream sauce)

How does this country do its grocery shopping?

(*3) The people of Luxembourg have the option of attending both weekly and monthly markets and jumble sales. Most use these markets to buy the food for their families.

Around what time do people eat their meals?

(*1) In Luxembourg, breakfast is usually eaten between 7 and 9 am, lunch at noon, and dinner around 7 pm.

What are some qualities of the foods that people generally eat?

Most people attend local markets and jumble sales held both weekly and monthly to buy their produce as well as bread.

Overall, what impression do you have of this country’s food? Does it sound good to you? Would you try it? Eat it regularly? Why or why not?

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I would like to try the typical breakfast; that definitely sounds appetizing. But, I'm not sure about lunch and dinner. The proportions are very large and I'm not sure I can handle that much food at one sitting. It's definitely an interesting food culture though.

Map of Luxembourg

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