June 2022

Wrapping up Our School Year.

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In This Edition

-Spring Concert "Bugs Bugs Bugs" Thank-you

-Grade 4 Farewell - June 28

-END of DAY Arrangements

-Library Books Due

-Picnic Day - June 29

-Report Cards and Class Placement

-Planning on Moving?

-PAC Members Needed

-Dress Up Week

-Mom's Pantry Orders Due Date

-Summer in the City

-Summer Arts Day Camps

-Nutrition Newsletter

-Supporting Transition and Change for Our Kids!

-Dates to Remember

Spring Concert "Bugs Bugs Bugs" Thank-you

Thanks for a great Spring Show to Mrs. Brown, the Grade 1 and 2 classes and all the staff and parents who helped out!

Grade 4 Farewell - June 28

Good luck to all the Grade 4's who are moving to middle school in September! On June 28th we are planning a fun afternoon to send them off in style (more details to come!)

END of DAY Arrangements

Predictable routines that remain the same day to day, help us keep your children safe and secure as they travel to and from school. We know that changes to family’s schedules occur, but if at all possible we ask that you keep the end of day routine the same for your child, i.e. if your child takes the bus home, if at all possible, do not make changes to that routine.

If, for a serious reason, you need to change your child’s home time routine, you must call the school prior to 3:00 p.m. to arrange changes. This ensures that we have enough time to communicate changes with our staff and your child.

Library books are due back to the Library by Wednesday, June 15th!

Please do a special book hunt at your house and return A.S.A.P.!!

Picnic Day - June 29

Yay! We will again be hosting our Annual Family Picnic Lunch on the last day of school, June 29th. Parents are invited to bring lunch and eat with their children on the playground. We will be asking parents to meet their child on the playground. More details to follow nearer to the date.

Report Cards and Class Placement

Next Year's Class Placements will be sent out in the June Report Cards.

Students coming into Kindergarten for next year will be notified earlier as we understand that child care is important and needs to be arranged in advance.

Reports cards will be available for parent viewing on June 30th. Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter.

Planning on Moving?

If you are moving during the summer, please call our office at 204-326-3518 as soon as possible or the school division at 204-326-6471 after June 30th. Thank you!

PAC Members Needed

PAC Members are needed for the following positions:

Hot Lunch Co-Ordinator


Fundraiser Co-Ordinator

Please contact PAC Chair:

Shellyna Lipic - shellyna.lipic@gmail.com

Melissa Nicolyk - Meesa_nykoluk@hotmail.com

June Dress Up Week!

Monday June 20 - PJ Day - wear your comfiest clothes or PJs!

Tuesday June 21 - Hat Day - wear your favourite hat!

Wednesday June 22 - Backwards Day - what can you wear backwards?

Thursday June 23 - Animal Day - dress up as your favourite animal!

Friday June 24 - House Colour Day - wear your house colour OR dress up as your mascot!

Mom's Pantry Orders Due Date

All Mom's Pantry Orders are due June 3rd. We will notify you when the orders are ready.

Summer in the City

With Summer in the City making its return in just a few short weeks, this also means the return of Hockey in the City! This 3on3 co-ed ball hockey tournament will take place on Saturday June 18 on the T.G. arena floor from around 9am until early in the afternoon once the tournament is complete. This is open to kids aged 5-14 of all skill levels. All teams are split into divisions based on age (5-6, 7-8 & and so on). Each team is made up of three players plus a goalie with the option of having up to a maximum of 7 players if you would like to have subs. The cost is $10 per player. Each player will receive a t-shirt and there are prizes for the winners. Players are responsible for bringing their own sticks, gloves, and helmets (mandatory).

The tournament is run by the Steinbach Pistons so the registered players will get the chance to interact with current and up and coming Pistons players!

Registration is now open and we need teams to be registered by next Monday! Go to the sports registration page at www.summerinthecity.ca.

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Steinbach Arts Council

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These after school arts programs are for Grades 5 - 12 and they are free! Please go to the SAC website and look for this opportunity. The new schedule for the after school arts programs should be on the website in July. steinbacharts.ca. If transportation is a barrier and the cause of a student not being able to participate, please contact SAC as they will have a conversation with you and figure out a way for the student to get to and from the program. 1-204-346-1077.

Nutrition Bits and Bites

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Supporting Transition and Change for Our Kids!

  • Acknowledge the loss and sadness, and/or the excitement and anticipation, of leaving Grade 4. Talk with your child about the feelings associated with leaving and starting something new. Do not judge the feelings, rather make space for your child to share all of their feelings.

  • Plan ahead where possible. Begin a gradual process in August that can support routines related to sleep/waking that supports school attendance.

  • Focus on the basics of SLEEP, NUTRITION and PHYSICAL ACTIVITY that we know help us better regulate our discomfort and stress response.

  • Practice walking to school so the route is familiar or drive by the school so your student knows where the bus will drop them off and can see what doors they can use.

  • Normalize the expected experience of stress with change. Talk with them about what can help them feel better for the first couple days of school (ie; special snacks, special item of clothing/hat; special small object for comfort).

  • Tell your child the name of their teacher and help them practice asking for help if needed (role-play with them what words they can use so it is more comfortable).

  • Offer the choices available to your child that ARE a part of the transition and that they can have a voice in. For example: picking out a new backpack/lunch kit, deciding what to wear on the first day of school, lunch/snack choices, etc. Giving choice (where possible and reasonable) can help children have an increased sense of control. This is important as there are many things about the school transition that they may not have control over (who is in their class, who the teacher is, when lunchtime is, etc.).

  • Make communication about their feelings, experiences and concerns, a regular daily part of interactions with them. Be curious with them and ask open-ended questions such as: “Tell me about what school was like today? What were some of the good/hard things about today?”

  • Role play basic social skills with your child (i.e. how to initiate play and make friends etc.) in order for your child to feel a sense of belonging and form connection and positive relationships with their peers.

  • It is common for the transition process to take some time (even a month or more), though here are some indicators of stress to watch for:

    • Frequent episodes of crying

    • Sleep difficulties or changes in sleep habits for your child

    • Changes to eating habits (eating more or less than typical for your child, restricting foods, notable changes in dietary habits)

    • Withdrawal from activities that previously were enjoyable

    • Isolation from peers, family and increased periods of being on alone

    • Negative self-talk about skills, abilities or competence

    • Regular complaints about not feeling well, physical symptoms with no known cause

    • School refusal

  • If you have concerns about how the transition is going for your child, reach out early in the school year to your School Team (classroom teacher, principal, vice-principal, Guidance Counsellor, Learning Support Teacher) so that concerns and needs can be addressed and support can be provided as soon as possible.

Provided by: Divisional School Social Work Clinicians, Student Services, Hanover School Division

Dates to Remember

June 2022

June 2 - 3/4J and 3/4B Lower Fort Garry Field Trip

June 3 - Mom's Pantry Orders Due!

June 3 - 3H, 3P, 3M Oak Hammock Marsh Field Trip

June 6 - 1G, 1C and 1M Field Trip to Sunshine Greenhouse

June 7 - 1P and 1B Field Trip to Sunshine Greenhouse

June 8 - 4N and Grade 4's from 3/4J and 3/4B visit to SMS - 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

June 8 - Grade 1 Zoo Field Trip

June 8 - Hot Lunch. This is an ODD numbered school day, ordering is open to K1G, K3G, & K5V only.

June 9 - Grade 4 Lower Fort Garry Field Trip

June 9 - Grade 2 Field Trip to Mennonite Heritage Village

June 10 - 4H and 4D visit to SMS, (9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.) Grade 4's visit CMS - (12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.)

June 13 - Admin Day - No Classes

June 16 - Grade 4 Field Trip to Iron Head Bison Ranch

June 22 - Hot Lunch. This is an EVEN numbered school day, ordering is open to K2G and K4H, only.

June 24 - Kindergarten Field Trip to Kismit Creek

June 28 - Grade 4 Farewell

June 29 - School Picnic

June 29 - Last Day of Classes

June 30- Report Card Available on Parent Portal

August 2022

August 23 - School Office Opens

September 2022

Sept 5 - Labour Day - NO SCHOOL

Sept 6 - Admin /PD Day & Meet the Teacher Night (4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.)

Sept 7 - First Day of School for Grades 1 - 4 Students

Sept 8, 9, 10 & 13 - Kindergarten Staggered Entrance (1/2 class)

Sept 14 - First day with Regular Kindergarten Classes

Sept 16 & 19 - Strong Connections for Grades 1 - 4 Students

Sept 23 - Terry Fox Run

Sept 29 - Orange Shirt Day

Sept 30 - Truth and Reconciliation Day (No Classes)

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