An Interview With Ms.Jackson

By:SanJuana Calderon

Ever imagined something or dreamed of achieving something, well it's never to late. Even thought Ms.Jackson never thought of becoming a teacher in the begining she now has been teaching for two and a half years. She is now teaching 9-12th, grade. She is teaching Art at Elgin Highschool. She got her education at Sam Houston State, she has a BFA (Bachelor Of Arts), and Studio Arts, and Art History. She didn't think in becoming a teacher till her forties and she does not regret becoming a teacher, becoming a teacher is a great career, and she loves her students.

Her students taught her patience, and everyday she learns something new. She wants her students to become "life long learners".

This is her first year teaching Highschool kids, her class environment is a comfortable place where you can feel free to express your thoughts and ideas in form of art, and it sounds peaceful yet exiting as kids laugh and have a good time while working and sometimes music flows through the room like wind motivating students to express their deepest feelings into a visual art form.

Some of her techniques are putting the kids in groups, and giving them advices and ideas and or examples of possible things to create.

She works from 7:45am-4:30 and sometimes she puts 2 hours more.

Her biggest challenges are discipline and organization.

And her biggest rewards are seeing students confidence grow in art, and overall.

For her type of job she says you need a lot of self motivation.