The Battle of Bunker Hill

The Bloody Battle

The Colonist Ways

The colonist made earthworks and hide behind them for protection. Their governor instructed them to what for the red coat to get close and then fire because their guns did not fire straight and far. The colonists were pushing back the Red Coats toward their boats. Then, the colonist was being pushed back up the hill. Back and Forth they were pushing each other back.

The Red Coats Ways

The Red Coats had ships shouting at the Colonist. The boats carried more Red Coats to the land. The red coats kept charging and shooting toward the Colonist. The canons killed many of colonists who were in groups. Soon the battle was over and the Red Coats won.

The Winners and The Losers

 The Red Coats won the war of Bunker Hill. They celebrated their victory of the war. The Red Coats won the war and the Colonist lost. Even thought the Colonist lost they had still fought bravely and strongly. They had to flee from the hill.

By: Eliana