Rise and shine!!!!!

The ruggin' clock!!

What is this you ask???????

The ruggin' clock is an alarm clock where it makes you physically get up and stand on it to make it turn off. Before you start using it, you have to weigh yourself on it so when you wake up in the morning you can't just throw something at it. Every month it will ask you to weigh your self again. The rug clock also has features to where you can set the volume how high or low you want it, you can sync it to a phone or device to where it will play your favorite song at the time, and you can set it to the time you want it to go off. *Note: if you want to make your self more mad in the morning, set it far away from your bed***** (Title creds to Madison:)))))))

More info about the rug!

Also, the rug comes in many different colors and it is memory foam!