Get out early on Friday

Welcome the whole community

Why should we be let out early on Friday?

Being let out early is a key to success on a long week day. The teachers and the students, even the whole community I feel like could help from this. When you have a long day you feel tired and are ready to just go home and crash. This is like the same thing teachers and students want to spend more time for school clubs, thinking about their future also teachers can take stress of and be more prepared for the next week. This is common with lots of people that want to be successful and are ready for time to figure out things.

Who would be the one I'm talking to?

Students, teachers, and community, just like I said this could help all of us. The students that want to make a change like class presidents or teachers that want to go up to the head of the district and purpose an idea. It is just like if you had a good idea and wanted to show it to the people that can make this change. A lot of the community that wants to get involved could help because maybe they feel like this could be a revolutionary idea and could work for them also, like getting out earlier on their Friday.

Why even bother?

I believe that this has a strong purpose to show that the community and teachers and even students that they can relieve a lot if stress by not having that little bit of their Friday and it could also help them to do good and focus in on something they might like to do when they are older. This is normal many people want to have a Friday off and not just to have a Friday off but beagle to take that time off and enjoy doing something that you can't because you don't have time for it.