The Painted Lady Butterfly Project

By: Mark Risley, Britnie Wright, Dayna Pech

Painted lady's biome : The Grasslands

The Grasslands

The biome known as grasslands has many features. First is the climate, due to the mountains placed that block air masses from the ocean, making polar air masses dominant in the winter making a colder environment; however in the summer conntential air mass is domiantant causing some rainfall. In this biome the painted lady must compete for food before the winter hits, as not much grows and everything becomes dormant. The Painted Lady also faces fear of fires, as they are very common and dangerous; however not all is lost as only the tops of the grass is destroyed, and will be able to grow back. The grasslands are being threatened by the spread of urban development and farming. Also 25% of grasslands have disappeared because of people building power plants, cities, schools, roads, permanent homes. The wildlife such as Prairie dogs are endangered due to farmers thinking they are best for hurting their cattle and killing the Prairie dogs.

Where the grasslands are located globally.

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The Painted Lady's interactions with other organisms

The painted lady has many interactions and different types the first is In mutualism the Painted Lady lands on a rare spotted knapweed, this helps the plant by spreading its species and helps the butterfly for a resting spot and food. Next is competition, its main competition is bees these insects also land on flowers and spread the seeds making them both need the same resource. Third one is predation a preditor is a toad, finally there is parasitism. The parasite known as Bracoidae a type of wasp kills as the caterpillar pupates. Those are the Painted Lady's Interactions.


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Life Span, Food Source and Life cylce with food web.

Food Source and Life span

The Food source painted lady butterflies like to drink is nectar from goldenrods, marigolds and everlastings the Life span of a painted lady butterfly from egg to death is about a year.

Below is the life cycle and food web for a painted lady in this biome

Life Cycle

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Food web

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The Food Web

This food web shows an intricate way in which it lives hunted down by three predators making it a common food source in the biome food means everything.