Animal Abuse

Help Stop Animal Abuse

Abuse still goes unreported

American households in 2007 owned more pets then they did children. Due to the large amount of people and animals involved in the industry it puts the animals at a greater risk of abuse. Also in 2007 there was a recored 1,880 cruelty cases reported to the media. The truth though is more than half the cases go unreported and most animal suffering goes unrecognized causing the public to only see a little of what actually happens.

Two Types of Animal Abuse

Passive or Active

Passive abuse is caused from neglect or lack of action from the owner. Examples include starvation, dehydration, lack of shelter, failure to seek medical care and ect.

Active Abuse is when a person intentionally hurts an animal. This can be the most disturbing and is known to show sings of serious phycological problems within the owner.