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October 2, 2020

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October 5 - 6:30pm Board of Education Meeting

October 9 - Clothing Drive Pipal Park Community Center 9-11 & 4-6

October 10 - Clothing Drive Pipal Park Community Center 10-12

October 15 - Parent Teacher Conferences - Online

October 15-16 - NO SCHOOL

October 19 - 6:30pm Board of Education Meeting

October 23 - Spirit Day

October 31 - Halloween

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Morning Arrival/Cold Weather…

Morning Arrival/Cold Weather…As the colder weather sets in, we want to remind families of the appropriate times to drop children off at school. Supervision does not begin until 8:10 a.m. each morning. This is the time for students to arrive who plan to eat breakfast at school. All other students will be able to enter the building after 8:20 a.m. As the colder weather approaches, it is important that children are dressed appropriately as they wait outside. Students will be asked to wait outside, as well as participate in outdoor recess as long as the temperature is not below a “feels like”temperature of 10 degrees. Thank you for keeping your child safe and for allowing us to keep all kids safe.

Returning Student Registration

This is one more reminder, we still have 30 families that have not done the Returning Student Registration in Power School. If you need help getting into your account, please call the office for assistance. If there is any assistance we can give you, please call us for help. Thank you for your attention to this matter!
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A Message from our School Psychologist

October 2020

Panda Families,

Let me introduce myself. I am Sarah Rozniecki and I am the School Psychologist at Paddock Road Elementary this year. I am also the chair of our PBiS team. I will be sharing articles throughout the year to update all of you on our PBiS process. This month, I will start with a few of the basics for families who are new to Westside or new to Paddock Road.

PBIS: What You Need to Know

Let’s start simple--what does PBiS stand for? PBiS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. In Westside, we know that it is critical that we support ALL of our students in ALL ways, including social expectations and positive behaviors. And just like with reading and math, students need frequent feedback to correct errors and to reinforce appropriate behaviors. That is what PBiS is all about!

How do we reinforce our kids?

That’s easy! Every time we “catch a kid” being respectful, responsible, or kind, they can earn a “Thumbs Up” from any staff member in the building. Every time a student collects 50 “Thumbs Up,” that student’s class is entered in a drawing for a prize and prizes are given out periodically throughout the year.

What can you do to help?

Family involvement is an important part of making PBiS work, so here are a few tips for how you can support PBiS at home.

  • Ask your child if he/she got any thumbs up each day or week and ask them what they earned them for

  • “Catch” your children being good at home! Use the same language we use so students make those connections even quicker. For example, “Johnny, I love the way you emptied the trash cans without being ask. That was so responsible. Thumbs up!” or “Jenny, thank you for waiting to talk until I was off the phone. That was so respectful.

  • Check in with the classroom teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

I am looking forward to sharing more of our PBiS work with you this school year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 402-932-1659 or email me at

Thank you!

Sarah Rozniecki, Ed. S.


You may not know it, but did you know you could now add your groceries to TAGG if you shop at Hy Vee? Yes you can! We will no longer be collecting receipts because of TAGG. The receipts were always a huge income for our Community Club so this will be a much easier way to do it! Don't forget to TAGG it! And you can do it year around!
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A Message From Our School Counselor

We are all spending more time on technology lately. As parents we want our students to be safe online. Many resources of how to be safe with technology can be found on

What are the best privacy settings for my computer and smartphone?

On your computer, you can protect against privacy invasion in your web browser. On your smartphone, you use the phone's settings.

Computer Privacy

Take a look at the privacy settings offered in your browser (usually found in the Tools menu) to see whether you can fine-tune them to keep the good and block the bad. When you go online, websites install cookies on your computer that track your movements. Some cookies can be beneficial, such as those that remember your login names or items in your online shopping cart. But some cookies are designed to remember everything you do online, build a profile of your personal information and habits, and sell that information to advertisers and other companies.

Smartphone Privacy

Settings on smartphones vary, but you can tighten up privacy with these precautions:

Turn off location services. That prevents apps from tracking your location.

Don't let apps share data. Some apps want to use information stored on your phone (your contact list, for example). Say no.

Enable privacy settings on apps you download. Make sure your teens are using strict privacy settings on services such as Instagram and Facebook.

Be careful with social logins. When you log onto a site with your Facebook or Google username and password, you may be allowing that app to access certain information from your profile. Read the fine print to know what you're sharing.

Have you checked the privacy settings on your kid's computer and smartphone recently?

Rick Painter

Elementary School Counselor

Paddock Road


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The Westside Community Council is in need of gently used clothing and winter gear items to help stock The Westside Clothing Closet. Contactless drop off will take place at The Westside Resource Center; Pipal Park Community Center (north side of Westgate Elementary) October 9th (9:00am - 11:00am & 4:00pm -6:00pm) and 10th (10:00am-12:00pm).

We are looking for these gently used items, sizes K-12th grade (kids and young adult)
* Gloves, Hats, Scarves
* Fleece jackets
* Windbreakers/Jackets
* Hoodies
* Winter Clothes
* Sneakers
* Socks
* NEW in package undergarments
* Snow Pants
* Winter Coats

Donated items will be made available through the Westside Community Council to families in our district who are in need of such clothing.

We appreciate your generosity!

The Westside Community Council

Questions; contact Jessica at

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Battle Of The Books is here!

Do You Know a Hero? Here is a link to the Red Cross Essay Contest 5-8th Graders