Home of Sandy Beaches & Beautiful Waters

Jamaica mon'

Jamaica is south of the United States and south of Cuba. Jamaica is known for their white sand beaches and the beautiful blue water!! Coming here you will experience the culture, beaches, and the warm weather. On average Jamaica ranges from 80-90 degrees all year round!!! They are in the Tropical Marine Climate.

Folkways, Taboos, Religion, Language.

As you travel to this country keep in mind that there are some taboos and folkways. Some examples are ;

* Opening an umbrella in your home you will not marry.

* If you dream about fire, it will mean you have confusion.

* White dots on your nails & grey hair at a young age means you will have good luck.

* If you say an infant is beautiful, he/she will grow to be ugly.

Now some taboos of Jamaica are ;


*If you are pregnant and jump a fence they say your child will become a thief.

NOW for a language, yes some Jamaicans speak little English but the main language there is Patios. Its another English based language. The main religion is Christianity, its one of the largest religions practiced down there.

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