Justin Bieber

Yanelisse Vega & Rachel Miller

Fame and Stress

"Child performer's are exposed to drugs, alcohol, and sex. At the same time young children must constantly cope with rejection, jealousy, self-scrutiny, obsessive thoughts, and the nonstop need to be perfect. Children at different ages display behavioral changes that might indicate that they are at risk"

Justin Biebers' bad influence

As Justin Bieber deals with his drag-racing DUI and alleged egg assault, critics are turning up the heat on the pop star’s papa.

"His dad is a bad influence," one well-connected source told the Daily News Friday.

Jeremy Bieber, 38, was partying with his famous son at SET nightclub in Miami Wednesday night and was in the SUV caravan that allegedly blocked traffic so the “Baby” singer could drag race, a well-placed source told the Daily News.

Legal Issues

Bieber had several run-ins with the law around the world before his first arrest in 2014, including when he was accused of reckless driving in his neighborhood in 2012, and charged in Brazil with Vandalism in 2013.One of his neighbors in Calabasas, California accused Bieber of throwing eggs at his home on January 9, 2014 and causing thousands of dollars of damage. On January 23, 2014, Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach together with singer Khalil on suspicion of (DUI), driving with an over six month expired license, and resisting arrest without violence. Police said that Bieber told authorities he had consumed alcohol, smoked marijuana, and taken prescription drugs. He has been released from these charges on a $2,500 bond, and lack of evidence beyond reasonable doubt as dictated in the United States court of law

The roast

At the end of a massive celebrity beat-down at the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber on Saturday night, Bieber apologized to the world from the stage for his prolonged spree of embarrassing tabloid headlines. "I've turned a lot of people off in the last few years," Bieber said, turning serious. "But I know I can still put out good music and turn everything all around."