Control Geekz

The best shop for your gaming life !

What is our store about ?

This store is mostly for gamers who would like to upgrade their gaming experience. We will take in any gaming system controllers from Magnavox Odyssey to the new released Playstion 4 ©

Once you have delivered the controller that you would like us to upgrade for you, we will get started on change how your controller looks and improve some of the features

Some of the things we would improve of your controller are :

- The Thumb-Grips to improve your thumb's grip while its on the controller

- Change the design of the controller to make it more appealing to you

- Changing the battery to how much you want to, for longer battery life

- Adding additional lights to it, to make it easier to see buttons in the dark

- Add additional Grips around the controller

We have a lot more but just cant be listed ..... keep in mind that we will yupgrade it to how you like it

Think Geekz if you are a Gaming Freek !