Lewis Learning Log

Weekly Staff Newsletter September 19-23, 2016

Professional Days

3 Step Process everyone MUST follow, in this order, BEFORE the professional day.

1. Fill out PD Leave Form

2. Fill out leave form in the portal

3. Fill out AESOP


EVERYONE needs to fill out an absence in AESOP for time that they are gone...even if we do not get a sub for you.

AESOP and the LEAVE PORTAL always need to match up.

We also run an AESOP report each morning to know who is gone each day. This way we know duties that need covered, etc.


PLEASE don't leave them on when you leave for lunch/recess or specials. These bulbs are so expensive and the life is not terribly long! We've noticed this happening quite often lately. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Substitute Plans

Every teacher has to be absent from their room at one time or another. And every teacher wants things to go smoothly for the substitute and wants the day to be productive for the students. Here is some feedback from a couple of substitutes that we should heed!

1. Once you have pictures of students on your lunch sheet (k comes in after picture day) make a copy of your lunch sheets for the sub to use throughout the day as a roster. The picture helps them connect names with faces and be more effective interacting.

2. ALWAYS make sure you leave the copies of activities-the books they need-all the materials. They don't have a copy code. It's a busy enough day without them having to go ask the grade level partners to help them. And if there are all subs in a grade level on that day, there is no one to help really. PLEASE make sure you include ALL materials needed.

PDP Entry Online

Most of you are ready to enter your PDP online within the Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE) website. Let's start getting those online so we can meet the deadline.


Login to NEE (use your xxxx@ga.essd40.com email. Click "reset your password" if you need to.

Select My Organizers, then Professional Development Plan

It should open up a window to verify the year as 2016-2017, and select "Create"

Use the Scoring Guide for help in knowing HOW MUCH detail to include.

Complete parts A, B, C, D and submit for Administrator Pre Approval.

**We will still be happy to meet with anyone who needs help. It might be helpful to schedule a time with us.

A Peek at the Week

Math Acuity - Lab 13 schedule will be posted on the door


Monday, Sept. 19:

Constitution Day/Citizenship Day

5th Grade Virtual Field Trip "Animal Adaptations" 1:00pm Rm 17

Tuesday, Sept. 20:

Guest Dave Holden modeling Academic Conversations

Wednesday, Sept. 21:

Collaboration - Lewis Library

PDC announcements

Academic Conversations Share Out from classrooms with modeled lessons

Thursday, Sept. 22:

Team Meetings: Planning Fall Intervention Groups with Title Teachers leading, room 200

Health Screenings 2:30-6:00 in Lewis Library

Friday, Sept. 23:

August/September Staff Birthday Luncheon

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Lewis/CO Listening Post September 28 7:45am Lewis Library

FOSS Science Kit Calendar

Just received this calendar for the science materials and thought you would want to know all of these dates!

Kindergarten Animals Two by Two

Kit Training Sept. 13 (all teachers)

Kit Arrival - any day now!

Kit Return Dec. 2

First Grade Plants and Animals

Kit Training Sept. 13 (all teachers)

Kit Arrival - any day now!

Kit Return Dec. 2

2nd Grade Solids and Liquids

Kit Training Sept. 16 (all teachers)

Kit Arrival - any day now!

Kit Return Dec. 2

3rd Grade Structures of Life

Kit Training Feb. 7 (all teachers)

Kit Arrival Feb. 8

Kit Return May 1

4th Grade Soils, Rocks and Landforms

Kit Training Feb. 7 (only new teachers)

Kit Arrival Feb. 8

Kit Return May 1

5th Grade Earth and Sun

Kit Training Sept. 16 (only new teachers)

Kit Arrival - any day now!

Kit Return Dec. 2

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