The Effects of Different Lids

Which cup of brown Scentsy wax will cool the fastest?

By: Gracie Ames & Morgan Fisher

Question & Hypothesis


How will the different types of lids effect how fast the brown Scentsy wax will cool?


The wax in the no lid cup will harden the fastest, because the others which have lids will trap the heat of the wax, unlike the cup with no lid.


1. Heat Lamp

2. Three Clear Cups

3. Wax-paper

4. I Pod Touch Timer

5. Three Cubes of Brown Scentsy wax

6. Foil

7. Thermometer

8. Three Rubber bands

9. Two Erasers per Cup (to prop cups)


we moved the three cups (foil covered, wax-paper covered, and no lid), (wax in each cup already pre-melted) out from under the heat lamp and onto a table. (Each cup contained a thermometer.)


we recorded our starting temperature, then we set a timer for five minutes. Every five minutes we recorded each cups temperature, for a total of twenty minutes.


The wax-paper stayed the warmest, and the foil cooled the most. As you can see below...

Was Our Hypothesis Right or Wrong?

Our hypothesis was incorrect because the wax in the no lid cup didn't cool the fastest, the wax in the foil covered cup did. Also, the wax in the wax-paper covered cup stayed the warmest, and the wax in the no lid cup had temperatures between the foil covered and wax-paper covered wax temperatures.

Our Thoughts about our Results

We think the reason the wax in the wax-paper cup stayed the warmest is because the wax-paper allowed the heat of the heat lamp to melt it quickly, but trapped the heat inside the cup resulting in the wax of the wax-paper cup staying the warmest.

We also think the reason the wax in the no lid cup had temperatures between the foil covered and wax-paper covered wax is because we believe the wax-paper absorbed a lot of the heat lamp's heat for it's volume and then took the most time to release the energy.

Lastly, we're not sure why the wax of the foil covered cup cooled the fastest, it surprised Morgan but that's just what our results showed.

What Morgan Learned

"I learned that if you use wax-paper to cover something hot it will stay warm longer. If you don't have wax-paper it's better to leave it without a lid then cover it with foil, (if you want to keep it warm)."

What Gracie Learned

"I learned that even though---for example: you have the same type of wax in the same type of clear cup, but you have different things like foil, wax-paper, or nothing at all covering the cup. Each cup of wax will go through the process of a heat sink, even though they each are different in some way."