6th grade Technology

By: Cassidy Johnson

6th Grade Units

Typing Web

  • Typing web is fun and easy.
  • The website helps you type faster.
  • Also Typing web teaches you not look down when you type.


  • Was a really fun unit for me to videotape with my friends
  • Showed who we were and what we like to do
  • Taught us how to work iMovie

Career Locker

  • Helped us search for colleges and careers
  • Informed us about salary and future jobs
  • Helped with college readiness

Haiku Deck

  • Talked about our dream job and possible careers
  • Practice how to identify information and siting our sources
  • Taught us how to use Haiku Deck

Explain Everything

  • We had to teach a math problem using the app, Explain Everything
  • Had lots of utilities such as text boxes, pictures, recordings, and slides
  • Taught us how to use the app for future refrence

Hour Of Code

  • It teaches you how games work
  • Reminded us that there are more to games than just fun
  • Was a really cool website that let us try computer game programming

E-mail Etiquette

  • Taught us how to have correct etiquette when writing a letter to teachers and/or adults
  • Helped us remember to us correct grammar and punctuation when writing emails
  • Told us important stuff to know when writing an email, like not to type slang when emailing to someone older, and not typing in Caps Lock