Mission San Gabriel Arcangel

Jasmine Lopez 2016

Mission History

San Gabriel Arcangel was built in September 8,1771 to 1776. The mission was the 4th mission. San Gabriel Arcangel was built by farther Pedro Camboñ he was also in charge. The Indian tribes that lived there were Gabrielino's and Tongva. In 15 years the were 1000 neophytes there. There are many important dates. Here is one 1771 was when on a site along the mission river a temporary chapel of willow poles with tule roof was built a one with living quarters and storerooms all were surrounded by a stokeadeof sharpened poles. If you ever want to visit this marvelous place the location is 9 miles east of central Los Angeles, in San Miguel Valley.

Daily Life on the Mission

The Gabrielino's and the Tongva wake at 6am. Prayed for a hour. Eat breakfast for (45) minutes. Got to work for (45) minutes the women jobs were to clean and cook meals. The men plow the feileds,plant the feileds. The men grew wheats,barely,corn,beans,peas and lentils. The children went to church. They got free time for (45) minutes.

Life on the Mission today

The Mission today still has a church. A school too.


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