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What can you create to showcase what you have learned???

SHOW ME what you have learned

Creating videos

You can create a video about the themes, characters, conflicts, etc. within the text. Below is a video created to show definitions of vocabulary words.
How do you study vocabulary?


You can create a series of character, plot or themed based memes. Memes allow you to create a visual to accompany text. The image can have an ironic or sarcastic twist or you can find an image that appears related to the theme, plot, characters or conflicts within the text. Most of our memes were created at imgflip meme generator
Memes by Jesus

PaperSlide Videos

Paperslide videos allow you to use pictures to narrate your story. Here are directions that I shared with my class for a video based on our Literature Unit.

Below are several examples that former students completed

  1. Students created and described their own countries.
  2. Students created autobiographical slides
  3. Students created slides based on literature unit periods

Eva's Utopia
Evan (1)
Anglo Saxon PaperSlide Video

Digital Stories

Digital Stories can be created using many different subjects, focal points and for a variety of reasons. Here is a link to a video that was created using the short story "The Necklace" as inspiration. This link will take you to a page of videos produced by my Scholars using PhotoPeach.
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4 x 4 responses

A literary 4 x 4 summary is creating a literary analysis using 4 sentences that contain 4 words in each sentence.

Re-visit the text and your notes and construct mini-poems that delve into the themes, events, characters, historic surroundings, etc. of the text.

Here is a link for a post to the classblog.

Create Poetry

Feel free to create poetry of any sort using our text as your inspiration.
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Blog Posts



Padlet is an online post-it note site. This website allows you to create walls that you can embed documents, videos and other resources. Here are some of the many Smore Posters that I have made.
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Creating word art requires you to create visuals using a text based word as inspiration. Here is a link to my class notes.

Fake Social Network updates

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