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In investing, there are tons of choices to choose from. Whether its investing in stocks, land, rental, etc, the choices never end, just like a ferris wheel! There are a lot of different ferris wheel's to choose to ride when you go to a carnival or festival; it's just about choosing the best one.

Top and Bottom

On a ferris wheel, you are at the bottom sometimes, and your at the very top. In investing, you can be the same! You can lose money and be at the very bottom, or earn a lot of money and be at the top. The top of the ferris wheel is the best part, and it's the same with earning money on your investment!


In investing, you can be concerned about the amount of risk your going to take. It's your personal choice to make when it comes down to this. This concern can also relate to a ferris wheel. Parents might be concerned sometimes about how safe the ride is for their children, so they have to take a risk!