Epson Document Camera ELPDC12

Tips for the new user

Getting Started

1. Turn on the document camera

2. Select the “document camera” Source

3. Open the program

4. Click on the Document Camera icon on the desktop

5. Turn on the light on the Document Camera

6. Adjust the arm on the Document Camera

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Operation Problems

No image appears on the screen

• After you press Power button, wait a few moments for the image to appear. It takes about 20 seconds for the document camera to output an image.

• Make sure your projector is connected.

• The document camera may be set to display an image from your computer. Press the [Source] - document camera button on the document camera or remote control to display the live camera image.

• Select the correct source on your projector. The source refers to the port on the projector to which you've connected the video cable. If you're using a VGA cable, the source may be called something like

"Computer" or "PC".

• Make sure your projector is turned on and not in sleep mode. Make sure its picture has not been "muted" or turned off.

• If you made a USB connection, the document camera's USB Mode setting may be set to Mass Storage.

You need to change this setting to Application. First disconnect the USB cable, then reconnect to the projector using a VGA cable, composite video cable, or HDMI cable. Press the [Menu] button and select Function > USB Mode, then change the setting to Application. Now you can use the USB cable to display the image.

Image Quality Problems

The image is fuzzy or out of focus

• The document camera needs hard edges or sharp lines in the image to be able to focus properly. If the image has only soft edges, try placing a different document under the camera lens while adjusting the focus. Or focus the image manually with the Focus adjustment in the Image menu.

• Make sure the lens is at least 10 cm (4 inches) away from the object you're viewing.

• If you're using a projector to display the image, check its focus.

The image brightness or color isn't correct

• To illuminate your document, slide the lamp switch on the side of the camera head.

• Press the [ + ] or [ - ] button to increase or decrease image brightness.

• Set the White Balance setting to Auto to adjust the color automatically.

If the color is still not correct, choose the setting for the type of lighting you're presenting under (Cloudy, Daylight, Fluorescent, or Incandescent).

• If the document camera was used with a microscope, be sure to turn the Microscope setting off when you return to displaying ordinary documents.

Problems Connecting a Laptop

If you've connected a laptop computer but the image doesn't appear on the screen, check the following:

· Hold down the Fn key and press the function key (such as or CRT/LCD) that lets you display on an external monitor.

· On most systems, the projector button or CRT/LCD key lets you toggle between the LCD screen and the projector, or display on both at the same time.

· Check your monitor settings to make sure both the LCD screen and the external monitor port are enabled. From the Control Panel, open the Display utility.

· Click the Settings tab, then click Advanced.

· The method for adjusting the settings varies by brand; you may need to click a Monitor tab, then make sure the external monitor port is set as your primary display and/or enabled. See your computer's documentation or online help for details.