VCR Lesson 2 Presentation

Amanda Davis

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from lesson 2

One of the original English colonies was named Jamestown after the _________ King James I who gave the royal charter to the colonists.


The word

Eponymous (adj.)

  • Referring to the name of a person, a mythical being, or a literary figure associated with something, or to a word incorpotating the name of such a person.

Other Uses

Eponym (n.)

  • a person after whom a discovery, invention, place, etc., is named or thought to be named
  • Ex. Napoleon is the eponym of the Napolean code.

Eponymy (n.)

  • of a person giving their name to something
  • The singer used her eponymy to name her first album, her name carried as the record title.

Historical Background

  • Originally coined by the Greek Philosopher Epicurus who used it as someone with refined taste in food and drink

  • nominative
  • titular


  • anonymous

Identify the sentence in which the word is used INCORRECTLY

A. Adolphe Sax is the eponymy of the Saxaphone because he named it after himself after redesigned the horn.

B. Nachos are eponymous of Ignacio Anaya as he accidentally invented a popular snack while trying to cheaply feed the poor.

C. The French educator Louis Braille became the eponym of braille when he invented it to allow soldiers to communicate in the dark.

D. The eponymous nymph Echo could not get through to Narcissus, who was too vain to see her infatuation.


D is incorrect because nothing is being named after Echo, even though the definition references a mythical being, they have to have something named after them to be relevant.