We All Scream For Ice Cream!!

Refillable Ice Cream Cups

Limited Time Only

  • My Inventions name is the Ice Creamery 2000
  • One thing about it is its refillable !

There is an attachment to it that fills your ice cream bowl.

Limited time only!!

  • The purpose of the Ice Creamery 2000 is to make a nice summer an awesome one!
  • My audience is to kids, adults, and pets!

Yes, pets we make our product pet certified with pet only flavors of:

Dogs: Liver, bone, steak, and porkchop

Cats: Fish, tuna, salmon, and cat food

Lizards: Mealworms, worms, flies, bugs etc..

and many flavors for many pets!!!

  • The price is for a limited time 19.99$ until june 30th
  • I obtained this type of creation with SCIENCE!
  • You can buy this off tv or at this number:1-800-creamers-7788

or online at www.cream

created by: Jackie Napoli

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