Peter the Great

Peter the Great's rule over Russia


When Peter the Great became ruler at the age of 10 he was extremely curious. He was always wanting to learn more about the world. He was so curious that he would go around the world to note the personalities of people around the world. When he grew older he wanted greatly to strengthen the military. Therefore, he put all of Russia's institutions under his power. He became forceful by forcing nobles and boyars to serve in the military. (Pictured is a young Peter The Great)


The accomplishments of Peter the Great were varied. First of all, he was able to modernize his country with a great force. He was able to create waterways, canals, and developed mining and textile manufacturing. With this success came great force and harm. When anyone decided to not obey his laws and ideas he would have them killed and tortured. For example, he had 1,000 guards killed after a group of elite guards decided to rebel any of his new orders. Peter the Great was also able to expand the borders of Russia. He had help from his army, the largest in the world at this time. He signed a treaty with the leader of the Qing China defining each country's borders. He was able to gain ports on the Baltic Sea which was a warm water port. (Pictured is a cartoon of Peter the Great cutting the beard of a Boyar)


His policies were very strict. And they contributed to the expansion of the serfdom. This only helped the gap between Russia and the West grow, which he wanted to close.

Fun Facts!

Peter the Great was considered the most Autocratic of Europe's Absolute Monarchs. Along with that he ruled with unlimited Authority. His Birthday was June 9, 1672. He died February 8, 1725.