Ms. Salvino's Classroom Newsletter

8th grade Literature


With Creaza, Students are able to create and share their own podcasts, cartoons and other multimedia presentations. They are then able to share these presentations with their teacher and their classmates to get feedback. This type of collaboration can be extremely helpful with the students. Assignments in literature that ask 8th grade students to interpret scene or important details of a book such as "Hatchet" could easily be completed in a variety of different formats through Creaza.


Lino lets your students create a virtual story board of collaboration by using a virtual canvas where they are able to create sticky notes, pin photos, and share ideas and discussions. As long as they have web access, the students are able to use this website to mind map ideas and get feedback on ideas. It can be extremely useful if the students are looking for some feedback on a research paper or working on a grip project together.

Search Team

In 8th grade, students are just learning how to conduct web research so collaborating with friends and peer groups can be a great help. Search Team does that by allowing small teams to collaborate to find the best, most applicable search results to any question that the students pose. The site can be a great start block for building students confidence in research.