Tanner: a writer

The habits of a sixth grade writer

I'm a writer who...

I'm a writer who Usually writes about things that have happened in my life. I usually write about that because I rarely can think of other thing to write about but I find writing fiction more fun than non-fiction.

A Memorable Experince

Over all my writing experience in my past has been good but I have a hard time getting my words on my paper to where my writing does not sound like my speaking.I have learned that I should try to give my self a long time to write something because I usually write it very slowly.

Sixth Grade Writing goals

•To write in more genres

•To write like how I talk

•To be able to put my thoughts down faster

•To Improve my Spelling and grammar (punctuation capitalization etc.)

About me

My name is Tanner Uzzell, I was born in philadelphia,PA. I love to go to the beach. My family has a beach house on Hilton Head Island, so we usually go there. I like to play video games and computer games in my spare time. I am a boy scout and I love to go camping and make fires.