CFC Library

September/October 2019

The Library is THE Place to Be!

It's been an amazing first 9 weeks in the CFC Library! Students have come in with their English classes for library orientation, checked out books (lots of books, actually), learned how to send print jobs to the library, and many have discovered that the library is the place to be! Whether they are coming in before school to study, after they have finished eating lunch downstairs to play a board game of their choice, or during class to exchange library books, an average of 40 students come in to the library on a daily basis. I love getting to know our students, what they enjoy reading, their extracurricular activities, and helping them with whatever I can!

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We are all lifetime learners! Keeping up with changes in teaching methods, technology, how students learn, and what students like to read is a daunting task, but one that I embrace. Whether we like it or not, social media is also one of those areas that is constantly changing and students enjoy.

I am very proud of our CFC Instagram account. While I don't post selfies often, my OOTD, or what I am eating; I like to post what I am reading, what is going on in our library, quotes, and fun facts with the hashtag, #CFCFunFactFriday. I also follow other librarians to expand my knowledge of how to create an atmosphere in the library that students enjoy. I follow YA authors as well, so I can add their books to our library and tag them when I read their books. Some comment back, some don't, but it's always fun to see what authors post and where they get their inspirations for the books they write.

If you have an Instagram account, feel free to follow us. It's not just for the kids. I feel it is one of the best ways for me to showcase our library, what we do in the library, and to show how vital libraries are to our community and society.

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Homecoming 2019

This year, with the help of Mr. Jost, Mrs. Pando, Mrs. Decker and myself, we were able to pull together to decorate a float and participate in Central's Homecoming parade. Thank you, student council for providing candies for us to hand out! We had so much fun and are already looking forward to next year!

Thank you, Library Helpers!

At the beginning of the year, I asked for student volunteers who were interested in helping in the library during homeroom. Homeroom helpers must be responsible, willing to help where needed, and be passing their classes in order to help out during homeroom.

Currently, there are 20 students helping out in the library. These students help shelve, process new books, help rearrange sections in the library, and clean up the library. They are all doing an awesome job and they really help keep the library maintained with me.