The Renaissance Role Model

Jordyn Berkowitz, 8th Period.

A Little Background

Brunelleschi was born 1337, in Florence, Italy. His accurate date of birth isn’t recorded. He died April 15, 1446, in Florence, Italy. Brunelleschi’s career was influenced by Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli, a merchant and medical doctor. At the time, Brunelleschi was very interested in math and science, but he believed he was a huge impact on his art career.

What Else Did He Do?

  1. A couple of his famous artwork is called Sacrifice of Isaac, Dome of the Cathedral, and the Lantern of the Duomo. He did much, much more.

  2. The impact he made on the Renaissance is that he made art more 3D. Brunelleschi created many sculptures, as well as buildings, but no actual paintings. I think he definitely sparked an interest in other sculptors after him.

  3. Before he knew his passion was in art, he loved math and science. He became a master goldsmith in 1398. He didn’t really focus on architecture until late 1418, where he then created beautiful buildings.