By Nick Brock and I have ADHD

Body System and Nervous System

The nervous system has the brain and spinal cord. The brain has transmitters that tell if you are in pain, your emotions, language, sight, smell, taste and how you move. The spinal cord controls movement and reflexives.

When you have ADHD, the brain has less neurotransmitters, dopamine and norepinephrine. The messages get messed up.

Target Population

There is no target population. More boys (13.2%) than girls (5.6%) are diagnosed with ADHD. 5% of children have it. Kids are diagnosed between 4-17 years old. There is no specific race or ethnicity.
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ADHD is genetic and is inherited from your parents. Six million children have ADHD. It can also be caused by brain injury, lead poisoning, low birth weight, or alcohol or drug use during pregnancy.

Signs and Symptoms

There are many signs and symptoms to help someone with ADHD. Parents or teachers will see that they may have trouble focusing on some task and subjects. They may make careless mistakes, feel restless and not do well in school. Doctors diagnose ADHD based on history, interviews, and special evaluations.


People can be treated for ADHD by family counseling, individual counseling and other therapies. A study showed that if a person with ADHD did 30 min of activity before school, it could help them by using up excess energy and help them focus.


People do not die from ADHD. They can live a normal life span.


I have ADHD. It is hard to concentrate and I have to work hard in school.