The One Room School House

History and more

Where the schools were located...

The one room schools were located in small rural areas such as big farming areas and and small towns. The one room schools were mainly in sates like Kansas, Iowa, and Ohio.

Inside and Outside of a one room school....


The outside of the one room school's were built from what the people of the town had avaialible. In the beginning o school on the western frountier the schools were originaly built out of sod and later were rebiult out of logs and bricks.


The inside of the one room school's were very simple. Since the teacher didn't have any maps, charts, pictures, or any books but a speller.


The students sat at homemade desks and wrote on slate with slate pencils. The students usually had to bring thier own lunches in pails and sometimes they had to bring thier own water too.


In one room schools they mainly tought math reading and writeing.

My opinion....

I would not want to go to school in one of these schools because it doesn't teach as much as i want to learn.