Western Writers

By: Shawnee Haight

Biography on Willa Cather

Cather was born in Back Creek Valley, Virginia on December 7, 1873, and died on 1947. She was the eldest of an eventual seven children raised by Charles and Virginia Cather. She was a Journalist, Teacher, Writer and a Poet. She was married to a man named Tony LuhanIn. In Nebraska she grew up among the immigrants from Europe, most of them coming from Scandinavia, who were establishing homesteads on the Great Plains.

Some of her Accomplishments

In her life and work, Willa Cather was associated with a number of places in North America—New York, Pittsburgh, Quebec, New Mexico, and especially Nebraska. During the Virginia years, her father made his living raising sheep on his father's farm, but after its barn burned in 1883, the property was sold and the family relocated to Nebraska, where Charles's parents had established a farm some years earlier.

How did she help?

She helped by wrighting a dozen books and sixty short stories. Being a journalist, teacher, writer and a poet.