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Hello Wellness Advocates!

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Starting in December these new oils and roller ball bottles were available to purchase as single bottles (rather than in a kit). They are fantastic products!! The pre-diluted roller ball bottles are great for using on kids and very convenient for quick and easy application!
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Stress Less class

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 6:30pm

410 East Chestnut Street

Pontiac, IL

Aaack! Stress! It is so NOT healthy for us.

Did you know you can use therapeutic essential oils for support with stress? I’m excited to be teaching this class on how to use essential oils to STRESS LESS!

You may think you have the dream all figured out. Good education, great job, decent paycheck, the (semi-perfect?) family and yet somehow you’re still feeling like you can barely get by on most days. You’re tired, run down, overworked and flat out stressed out.Your body doesn’t distinguish one kind of stress from another. Whether you lose your job, have a fight with a loved one, get stuck in traffic or run a marathon, stress is stress. And stress causes inflammation and toxicity, which in turn causes disease. No wonder you can’t sleep at night, your thoughts won’t stop churning, you can’t shed those last few pounds or your heart starts to race the moment someone even looks at you wrong.

When you can alleviate stress in your body, you will sleep better, your moods will change, your digestion will improve and in general, you will feel a new sense of lightness.

Join in this FREE class to learn how to use essential oils like Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano and blends such as Respiratory, Soothing, Digestive, and Protective formulas for support with the stress in your life!

Please register for this FREE class by RSVPing below. Contact me with any questions!

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EO everyday

Morning - Take your supplements! This action absolutely sets the tone for the rest of the day. The Life Long Vitality Pack is a pretty big deal, a game changer for lots of people. The LLV Pack is more than a multi-vitamin, it provides antioxidants, stimulates metabolism function, provides natural fatty acids for the brain and nervous system, good for heart health, digestive aid, energy AND, acts as an anti-inflammatory for managing chronic pain. Get in the habit of taking them everyday and very, very soon...you won't forget this morning habit because you like yourself much better when you take them. TIP! Keep your supplements in plain sight so you don't forget!

Afternoon - Having a frustrating afternoon at work? Try motivate! Diffuse or put a drop or 2 in your hands, rub together and deeply inhale. This oil promotes feelings of confidence, courage, and belief and smells wonderful!

Night - Enjoy a relaxing bath after a long day! Add 2-3 drops of Serenity in epsom salt and add to a warm bath.

Check this out!

One of the new oils released in September is Douglas Fir, take 3 minutes to see how it is harvested in New Zealand. If you haven't had a chance to try this one let me know and I can get you a sample. It smells so nice and fresh!

Sourcing doTERRA Douglas Fir Essential Oil