Kingdom Aves: Birds

By:Sarena Berkman


-they flash their bright colored bills for mating

-they can lay up to 21 eggs

-they are found mostly in tropical areas such as Brazil and all over South America

-they eat nuts, berries, and eggs from other nests

Royal flycatcher

-found in forest and woodland throughout most of the Amazon basin in northern Bolivia, eastern Peru, eastern Ecuador, eastern Columbia, Venezuela, the Guianas, and northern and western Brazil

-feed on flying bugs

-they use the big crest on their heads to attract mates

Six plumed bird of paradise

-they eat mostly nuts, and berries

-the females are just plain brown

-the males are black with multi-colored feathers on their chest. They puff out their neck feathers to make it look like a skirt. They preform the "ballerina" dance and preform a mating dance.

-they live in tropical places such as the Galápagos Islands, and Hawaii

-scientist have concluded that this is the most unique mating display they have ever seen

African Penquin

-they live in the beaches of South Africa

-they mate for life, by using a call that only one other Penquin with know

-they have claws in between their webbed feet, to help grasp the rocky shores

-they eat fish that they catch from the ocean

-their feathers are thin and light, so they are accustomed to the warm temperatures.

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-they're white if they're albino (still pretty)

-the males have full, big mating feathers, which they use to attract a mate

-they forage for berries, grains but also prey on snakes, lizards, and small rodents

-they originated from Southern Asia, but have migrated to all over

the world.

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Basic funtions

They breathe using respiration

They mate sexually

They move by either flying, swimming, waddling, or walking

They eat by huting, gathering, or scavenging food

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