Test of Adult Basic Education

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Adult Education

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TABE Test of Adult Basic Education

Must buy 100

Practice locator -

  • 30 minute test -gives the level to administer
  • Give the student this if you do not know they rate in skill
  • (Included in the allotment) - not limited
  • Gives an ideal basic screening.

100-1000 $9.40 each


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System requirements

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Webinar for administering it

How TABE Online Adult Assessments Can Work For You

Outline of the TABE

  • Overview
  • Objectives
  • Item Count Test Times
  • National Standards
  • Instructional Resources
  • Features and Benefits
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Task List

  1. Contact at McGraw Hill
  2. Complete Purchasers Qualification Statement
  3. 2015 TABE - Online w training
  4. TABE TN Online Software 12 Month Subscriber
  5. Wait until new Fiscal Year to purchase.
  6. Take Webinar for RKT and BEN on administering test
  7. Get link form McGraw Hill
  8. Test on All comnputers
  9. Test all students with Practice Locator.
  10. Students take TABE for baseline
  11. Students take TABE at end for growth

Steps to take the TABE

Student takes Locator

Student is placed in E M D A

Then the TABE test puts them in that level.

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Objectives of the TABE

The locator then gives the level of the TABE test that the student will then take based on their score.

E = Easy

M = Moderate

D = Difficult

A = Advanced

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