March 2014 News


Emergency/Urgent Issue Contact: If you have issues before or after normal business hours (8-4:30), please contact Jess at 608-445-9468 or Paula at 563-543-8090. You can phone or text.

Class Policy: If a participant is unable to attend his/her normal class, they MAY NOT attend a difference class. This is a super important policy to follow. If you have been allowing this to happen, please stop immediately. We simply have no way to track this, it isn't an option for all participants and most importantly has the potential for significant liability issues.

Let me know if you have questions. More information on both matters is available in your employee handbook too!

Need CEU's? Upcoming Trainings in Madison

April 5th (Princeton Club East - Madison)
More info at

April 12th Foundations (Dancing Lotus Fitness...I think this is in Lake Mills)
April 13th Level 2
More info at

Evaluations are Coming to a Close

Kaleigh has wrapped up her evals and I just have a handful to go. I will bring participant feedback along with me when I get to your class. If you would like your feedback sooner, just arrange a time to stop in!

There is one final stop to the evaluation process - you get to review yourself! You'll be getting an email with the evaluation link this week.

During the spring and summer sessions, we will once again collect participant feedback, but you won't get formal feedback from me (unless you are new to the team, teaching a new format, or there are any issues). All of that being said, if you'd ever like me to come check out what you're doing or show off something great, please just ask!

Site Supervisor Hours Available at MSCR-Odana

If you know anyone looking for part-time work in the morning, please let me know! We are hiring a site supervisor for MSCR-Odana. The basics of the job are: opening the facility, sweeping studio floors, stocking bathrooms, shoveling and salting (as needed), providing customer service about all MSCR programs, and accomplishing special projects as assigned. The pay is $11.20/hour.

Hours Needed
Mondays 8:30am - 11:30 or 1:00 pm (immediate start)
Thursdays 8:15 am - 11:15 am (immediate start)
Sundays 8:30 - 11:30 am (spring session, provided classes receive min. enrollment)

Spring Registration & Summer Registration

Thanks to our crazy schedule, we are working to fill spring summer registration opens on Monday 3/10 for residents. Obviously, we are focused on filling our spring classes first. We will cancel low-enrolled spring classes the week of March 24th.

Athleta Discount

Hey Fitness Pros! Did you know that we get 30% off at Athleta at West Towne Mall? You need to take in your training or group ex certification, fill out some paperwork and shop!