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Pasco teachers. Are you looking for a way to support your lessons with media? Safari Montage is just what you are looking for. From the home page click on the Employees tab and choose PSD Video systems. Then click on the Safari Montage icon.

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Logging in

At the "Log in" screan, type in your username and password which is your login name and password through the district.


Creating a playlist

A playlist is simply a list of media titles (video, images, and audio) that have been selected to support a lesson or a mini-lesson. You can show full length videos or show sections of the video that apply to the subject matter.

Adding files to the playlist

After you have saved the Playlist info, click on add more clips to My Playlist. This will take you to the Keyword Search screen. Once you have found a file that you like, simply click Add to Playlist.

Now that you have the basics, Let's get started in the Safari!