Ellery Corcoran

"The Duck and the Beavers"

One spring day a duck approached 3 beavers building their dam. He wanted make some new friends and be a helpful duck. Marvin the duck hoped Connor, June and July would like him. "Hello I'm Marvin. Do you need any help on your dam?" he asked. "No! Why would we want help from a duck? You are stupid and ugly!" the beavers replied. Marvin was sad with how the way they treated him but he decided to go and find new friends.

Months later the dam had flooded and the beavers needed help. "Marvin can you help us?" Connor asked. "Aren't I just a stupid, ugly duck" Marvin said sadly. "I'm sorry! We shouldn't have judged you." June and July replied. The beavers realized to not judge a book by its cover. They became friends and lived happily ever since.