physical and social consequences

Tobacco is a plant that can do a lot of harm like......

cause you to have cancer because cancer accounts for 30% of all cancer deaths and 80% of lung cancer.Also your lungs star developing tar if you are consuming tobacco.Tobacco can also cause you to have rotten teeth and you could have stinky breath.In addition you can also start getting wrinkles. There are a lot of bad chemicals that are in a cigarette like

-lighter fluid

-candle wax


-toilet cleaner

-rocket fluid

-sewer gas



-industrial solvent


dangers in using tobacco

dangers in using tobacco

some of the dangers in using tobacco are


also it is not healthy for your hygiene.

plus if you do it frequently you could start talking through a tube.

Also you can start feeling tired because you cant breathe as well.

In addition your heart beat will start slowing down