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What is melanoma

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that appears as a mole on your body. This skin cancer is more serious than other skin cancers this also has many stages to it.

What body system does melanoma affect?

This disease can affect how your immune system works. The immune system normally works to help your body fight through a disease and or virus, but with this disease in your immune system it has to try to help you but it might not fight through.

How this illness arises?

Some ways for this disease to arise are,

- The sun can give you melanoma if you get lots of sunburns as a kid and it may affect you when you get older.

- Your mole may change in many ways like color, or size then you may have a risk of melanoma.

- A tanning bed, and or a tanning lamp may give you melanoma because of all the chemicals in the light.

What is the treatment?

The treatment for melanoma is surgery. But if you had Melanoma in a mole they would put some ice chemicals on the mole then peel it off. But if they think the melanoma is affecting your lymph nodes they will cut those out.

how is this illness diagnosed?

This disease is diagnosed when you go to a doctors and then the doctor tells you to get a physical examination.


The prognosis for melanoma is,

- Older people with this disease you have a shorter survival rate of living

- Darker skinned people have a lower survival rate if they have melanoma

- lighter skinned people have a higher survial rate

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of melanoma are

- You may use the ABCD rule, Here's what that means.

(A) asymmetry- A mole that is not in shape, or there might be two different looking halves.

(B) border- A rough spot on the mole, or edges of the mole are unshaped not round.

(C) color- Color of the mole has changed into a pink, or black or it can change in shapes

(D) diameter- Moles that are bigger than a pencil eraser may be melanoma

Any connections

My mom had this disease for 1 year and a couple months and she survived from it. My mom had this illness at stage 3 melanoma

Why did i select the disease

I selected this disease because I wanted to know what people had to go through with this disease. like my mom for example.
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